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Website options for clients dealing with COVID

Businesses and nonprofits are having to get creative right now to get through the COVID era, and some are being forced to get out of their comfort zones when it comes to generating revenue. In my opinion, the best web developers are not just the ones who have the ability to program something complex, but are the ones who can help their clients feel a little more comfortable when they’re being forced to take risks to survive. Here are a couple of possible solutions for your business or organization that I have been able to put together recently, that might give you some ideas:

Working from home (a listicle)

Working from home (a listicle)

No, I don’t actually have any idea what you HAVE to be doing RIGHT NOW… as many listicles claim to know. Nobody really knows, especially when it comes to this subject. Working remotely is something I’ve been trying to get better at for many years now. We’ve all heard the stories about the best and worst aspects of working from home. Some are attracted to the comfort of working in pajamas from your couch, while others are repelled by the idea that they would have it that “easy” in their jobs. Some despise the idea of having to go work all day in a PLACE with PEOPLE, and others dread the isolation of being by yourself all the time. I still wrestle with some of these feelings myself on a day-to-day basis, and have put a lot of effort into finding the answers over the years…

Who’d guess that we’d ALL be doing it someday?!

CLIENT UPDATE: KCD Plant Sale KItsap Conservation District native plant sale


We went live with a new WooCommerce store on the Kitsap Conservation District website, for their annual Native Plant Sale… it’s a must-see, if you’re looking to do some last-minute Christmas shopping!

This is their first year taking their plant sale online, and they seem pretty happy with it. If you are interested in having an online store like this for your own business, especially if you are in Kitsap County, shoot me a message!

WSU Kitsap Extension

WSU Kitsap Extension

Many apologies for the deafening silence on the news page of Abell Smith Design these days. Here I say I’m expanding my blog posts, and I go dark for a couple months! It’s for a nice reason, though – I’ve been crazy busy lately! The bulk of my work has been for Washington State University Kitsap Extension, who do work on various programs involving small farms, agriculture, gardening, gleaning, water stewardship, nutrition, 4H, and other areas. Glad to work on so many admirable causes!

It’s gonna be a weird Apple Cup this year though, since I’m a Husky…

Common Nonprofit Website Issues vs. Broader Organizational Challenges

Common Nonprofit Website Issues vs. Broader Organizational Challenges

As a web developer who has made it a priority to help nonprofits and advocacy groups pursue their missions, I am always on the lookout for articles and stats that may underscore the value of a great website for those groups. Wired Impact is a great resource for nonprofits seeking information on redesigning their websites, and this article is a good roundup of some of the specific considerations that often get neglected by organizations when it comes to their sites. Among these considerations are color contrasts, ease of navigation, performance/speed issues, image quality, having effective calls to action, and making sure the site is responsive for mobile devices.

However, it might be easy to guess the reason for WHY these issues get neglected — they are just not as important as the everyday work required for a nonprofit to effectively further its cause.

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